Welcome to Shelter, Inc.


We all need a hero sometimes. Someone to inspire us, help us up and care when we’re down. Giving as little as $5 or as much as $5,000 creates ripples of change for a family in need. Your donation provides job training, education, food and shelter to families and individuals working to build a better future for themselves. Every $1 you donate will be matched up to $70,000 thanks to Recurrent Energy and anonymous donor. 

Start changing lives today! Visit http://bit.ly/1l0deeF to make a donation.

We believe that every child should have a home.

Our Vision
With the generous support of the community, SHELTER, Inc. provides families life-long tools that allow them to transform their lives and the future for their children.

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Far too many families are homeless and without hope. They struggle to keep a roof over their children’s heads. And the high cost of rental housing and the lack of fundamental skills, such as literacy and job skills, put even more families at risk.

SHELTER, Inc. gives families a safe place to live, meeting their most basic needs, while offering services such as education, employment development and counseling.