Prevent Homelessness

Preventing Homelessness

“Because of your help, my two children and I were able to have a place to call home. No more motel rooms and sleeping house-to-house. We are home.”

Keeping a family in their home means that jobs are retained, families are fed and children are safe. By assisting with the move-in and stay in costs for a family we can prevent their homelessness and help them take steps toward stability.

About 25% of our homeless prevention clients receive intensive case management services in addition to limited financial assistance. Each family creates a self-sufficiency action plan with written goals and objectives to help them move toward economic stability. Using a combination of financial support, case management and individualized strategies, we are able to help families and individuals in crisis maintain or obtain housing, achieve greater stability, and progress towards self-sufficiency.

To apply for assistance call (925) 338-1038 Monday - Friday 9am to 4pm. For more information about this program visit our Deposit and Rental Assistance page.


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