Shelter, Inc.

Landlords play crucial roles in fulfilling SHELTER, Inc.’s mission

In addition to offering avenues to self-sufficiency for homeless and at-risk families and individuals, SHELTER, Inc. also provides valuable services to landlords. Housing resource specialists work every day to fill empty units and facilitate long-lasting partnerships between the organization, these providers, and those in our community who need a helping hand.

This three-way collaborative effort has proven hugely important in Contra Costa, Solano, and Sacramento counties. While SHELTER, Inc., provides resources to those looking for ways to regain self-sufficiency, property owners and managers are vital parts of the equation. They spread word about vacant units to housing resource specialists, which can provide housing opportunities for those clients.

“We are so grateful to the landlords who are willing to look past the stigma of poverty and who can recognize everyone’s right to stable housing,” SHELTER, Inc. Housing Resource Specialist Supervisor Tara Segura said. “They don’t realize how instrumental they are to our mission to prevent and end homelessness. Anyone can experience homelessness but not everybody can find a way out of it on their own.”

Local landlords have praised SHELTER, Inc., and not just for helping fill their units. Many hold an appreciation for the organization’s mission to inspire people, change lives, and end homelessness.

“I have been referring families since 2010, long before I became a property manager and will continue to do so as long as SHELTER, Inc. is around,” said Taniesha Bowman, whose first experience with SHELTER, Inc. came as a client many years ago. “The housing resource specialists at SHELTER, Inc. help both the landlords and the applicants with every step of the process, from the start of their application to them getting the keys to their apartment.”

“I would love to rent all my properties to SHELTER, Inc., and I will do that once I have the opportunity,” said Ali Haghighi, who has worked with the organization for three years. “I cannot say enough good things about the SHELTER, Inc. employees I have worked with. They are polite, responsive, and responsible.”

Segura, meanwhile, added that SHELTER, Inc. holds a deep appreciation for the landlords and property owners who rent to them.

“When you rent to SHELTER, Inc. and our participants, you are not just giving the client a new home,” Segura said. “You are also giving the client new hope.”

Visit the SHELTER, Inc. website to learn more about renting one of your properties. Opportunities are available to rent directly to clients or participate in a Master Lease Program.