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Shelter Dinner Preparations Resume at Mountain View SHELTER, Inc.

Easier than ever to make a difference. Cook & Serve dinner for Mountain View Emergency Family Shelter

SHELTER, Inc. received a generous grant to pay for food and supplies at its Martinez Shelter, and provides everything you need to cook and serve a meal! When you sign up, you can choose the meal you’d like to prepare, and the supplies will be waiting. By preparing a meal, you’re providing a family dining experience while ensuring no one goes hungry.

Capacity: Due to current Health Department restrictions, a maximum of four volunteers, over the age of 13, are allowed to prepare and serve meals.

Time: Dinner is served at 6:00 pm. Volunteers can arrive as early as 4:00 pm to begin meal preparation. Volunteers will be screened upon entry for exposure to COVID-19 and temperatures will be taken and logged.

Family Quantity/Ages: 11 adults, 4 school age children and 3 younger kids.

Preparing Dinner:  Food may not be prepared offsite in home/unlicensed kitchens and brought to the shelter to serve. This violates Health Department food handling codes, and is why we have a commercially licensed kitchen. Food handling and CDC guidelines must be strictly followed.

  • Wash hands before serving and preparation of food.
  • Use mask and gloves when handling food at all times.
  • Wear a hair restraint when working in food serving/preparation area.
  • When you taste food, do not put the utensil back into the food.
  • Cover food and utensils when not in use.

Social Distancing: Unfortunately, volunteers may not sit with families and partake in the meal at this time.

Clean-Up: Please clean-up after meal–dishes and/or disposing of trash. Store and label any left-over food which is used for lunch the following day.

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Questions or for a list of current needs: Contact shelter supervisor Kathryn Ross at 925-354-6114 or kathryn.ross@shelterinc.org

Mt. View Family Shelter
1391 Shell Ave., Martinez, CA 94553

Swing for Shelter

Swing for SHELTER

Our 29th golf tournament and reception to support the homeless takes place Monday, April 17, 2023.

Register at shelterinc.org/swing23 

Our 29th golf tournament and reception to support the homeless takes place Monday, April 17, 2023.